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Glucophage Dosage, We returned to Boston for the first time in a year to play a two-night stand at the Paradise Rock Club. It would be our 5th and 6th shows in the room. It is a historic club that has hosted shows by The Police, Glucophage for sale, AC/DC, REM and many many more over the years. The club has an interesting layout that can be inconvenient at times but makes it so everyone in the club is very close to the band (so close that fans were grabbing my feet and touching my head when I was making pedal adjustment - note to fans - like throwing glowsticks at my face, this makes it more difficult to play), Glucophage over the counter.

Friday's show was sold out in advance and the streets were crowded with folks looking for extra tickets. Hopefully next time through we'll be at the House of Blues so everyone who wants to come can attend the show, Glucophage Dosage. Dara Palermo was on hand to take some photos

more photos here

Take a listen to the performance of Dowrn from Friday's show below. Glucophage coupon, Download the full shows 11/5/09 and 11/6/09

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  1. I’ve got to hand it to you guys – you really know how to draw a crowd. As the local team leader for HeadCount in Boston, I’ve worked countless shows at the Paradise, but I have NEVER before have I seen fans donning the kinds of costumes and neon green Lycra attire that yours were rolling out in (no pun intended) Friday night.

    On behalf of HeadCount I just want to let you know how pleased we all were with how well we were able to do at your 11/6 show. This was an especially important one for HC considering this was the org’s first ever official “Show of the Week!” One of your merch people had mentioned the possibility of you linking HC’s “Show of the Week” event to your Facebook sites/message boards. I have already gone ahead and shared this blog entry, the State of Mind Music album, the 11/6 setlists, and the 11/6 mp3 on the “Lotus Show of the Week” event site, which I’ve listed HERE:

    All in all, HeadCount managed to walk away from the event with roughly FIVE TIMES the average # of issue ballots, congressional letters, and donations for a Paradise show. We also uploaded over 85 fan/volunteer pics from the event, which I hope you check out HERE:

    Like I said before, a HUGELY successful night for HeadCount and a really fun show to work thanks to the friendly and infectious good vibes being given off by your awesome fans :)


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