Armour Dosage

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This festival was way back in the woods in north Virginia, Armour reviews. Armour schedule, Driving into the grounds on Friday night the GPS directed us down a series of roads that got smaller and smaller and progressively less paved. We abandoned the machine's instructions when a turn directed us down what looked to be a wide, kjøpe Armour på nett, köpa Armour online, Rx free Armour, dirt footpath into the woods. Fortunately a haggard, drunk (quite drunk) old man emerged with a can of Coors Light in a koozie to point us in the right direction, Armour Dosage.

We eventually found "the Cove" campgrounds accompanied by the surreal scene of a mob of boys looming in the trees with a burning torch. Apparently we had either come across the set of a Lord of the Flies remake or the boys camp down the road from the festival. Thoroughly convinced the festival was an elaborate ruse of some sort we reluctantly continued on, only to be greeted at the campground gate by a pleasant young man with a hand gun strapped to his belt. With the proper festival credentials (and 2nd amendment reassurance) firmly in place we drove another half mile into the woods and we found the festival grounds - an oasis of music, merriment and moonshine in the dessert of Deliverance.

A mere 1.5 from DC (or 4 hours if you have to take the beltway during rush hour) the festival turned out to be a great time in a beautiful location.

Luke Lotus Camp Barefoot 2009
Jesse Lotus Camp Barefoot 2009
Mike Lotus Camp Barefoot 2009
Luke Lotus Camp Barefoot 2009 B
Jesse Lotus Camp Barefoot 2009 B
Mike Lotus Camp Barefoot 2009 B

Over 1000 photos by Richard Cox from the festival including many more shots from Lotus's 3 sets here. Thanks to all the folks that made this festival happen and the hospitality our entire crew was shown.

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3 Responses to “Armour Dosage”

  1. Alex says:

    Awesome pics — can’t wait to hear the set… come soon to SF!

  2. ptob says:

    ha that is almost identical to me and my friends experience! camp barefoot was so epic. cant wait for next year!

  3. pink flamingo says:

    camp barefoot was amazing!!! can’t wait for next year and i’m hoping for another 2 nights of lotus and a crazy costume party!!

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