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Build – album reviews

Sunday, March 10th, 2013

Lotus - Build

  Relix "Build is a loud, wild party" SoundFuse "This is by far their most bold, energetic, and aggressive studio work — a dance-upon-prog-rock work of art." Real Detroit Weekly  "Build is a great addition to the collections of EDM lovers everywhere." Miami New Times "Build offers full-on body-rocking hip-hop, four-to-the-floor house...all filtered through the funk and rock Lotus have always brought to the table." Philly Weekly  "Easily their best yet, the instrumental band of funk, synths and vaguely jammy electronica goes hip-hop.
" Daily Emerald  "...driven by bigger beats and percussion sections coupled with an increased emphasis on rich and complex sound design and exploration." dfDubReport  "...a musical monster with a clear message" Grateful Web  "A melodic mix of beats, bass, and rhythm, Build is sure to keep their passionate fans satisfied and eager to hear more. With festival season right around the corner and a brand new album to display their ferocious, swelling dance beats, you can bet that 2013 will be a defining year for Lotus." Wilmington Star News  "On Build the band explores the wilder side of funk while focused more on the electronic side." Festival Footprints   "Lotus Hits One Out of the Park on Build" VibeRight  "Build is as electrifying as it is dynamic" When the Music's Over  "...a solid addition to Lotus’s repertoire." The 4 oh 5  "They attempt - and get away with - things that some bands of this genre wouldn't touch with a 50-foot pole, combining the sheer inventiveness of Mirrored-era Battles with a pop sensibility that is all their own. They may describe themselves as a jam band, but despite the improvisational nature of that term, the songs on Build are focused and tightly-scripted, allowing the band to take a dazzling number of risks." Crescent Vale  "Build delivers a record that creates the energy of a large venue performance" NewsOK  "Build continues the band's strides toward sophistication...Few jam bands could be slotted into electronic mixes without causing a few dancer injuries, but with “Build,” Lotus never misses a beat." Speaker Creatures  "Respect to them for incorporating a large amount of analog in the recording process.  You can hear and feel the difference this makes.  Warm and massive, these tracks literally leap out of the speakers at you.  Size definitely matters here." 90FM University of Wisconsin  " ...Build is a great point to join the party." Tri-State EDM  "These different sounds complement each other so well into a sound that makes them innovators and original." Spectrum Culture  "The best advice: clear your living room, invite a few friends over, invest in an old school fog machine and really embrace the expanse of Build." Missoula Independent  "...this band's decadent groove is the perfect meeting point between technology and organic musicality."